OffMarket Newsletter 18 Jan 2011

Hello and welcome to the OffMarket newsletter which we hope you will be receiving every week from now on.

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+++ OffMarket +++
111 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0NP

Opening days at the moment are: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, Tuesday 12-8pm
OffMarket open meetings are on Monday 7pm if you want to meet us, check the space out or have any proposal to use the space!

////////REGULAR ACTIVITIES/////////

++Monday, 7pm++
Open meeting

++Tuesday, 3-6pm++
Bike fixing workshop (starts 18th January)

++Wednesday, 6pm++
Juggling workshop (starts 19th January)

++Wednesday, 8-10.30pm++
Clowning workshop (starts 2nd February)

++1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm++
Practical Squatting evenings (starts 18th January)

////////FUTURE EVENTS////////////

QueerInvisbleAcademy meeting (

Race Revolt Reading Group Series
Race Revolt started in 2007 as an intervention into the silences around race in the queer, feminist and activist communities. This reading series considers texts that address the ways in which gay rights are being used in nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric by racist organisations such as the English Defence League, politicians like Geert Wilders and even increasingly by gay activists.
Thursday January 20th 2011, 7pm
Thursday February 3rd, 7pm
Thursday February 17th, 7pm

++ TUESDAY 8th FEBRUARY, 7pm ++
Counter Olympics Network Meeting (see

Invasion Day
January 26th is “Australia Day” – the nation’s annual public holiday to commemorate the founding of the white australian state. Anyone interested in questioning the celebration of the founding and maintenance of a nation through policies of genocide and dispossession, and in hearing about aboriginal resistance to the australian government’s most recent racist laws is invited to this Invasion Day event. We will be screening the… newly released documentary “Our Generation” (see below), giving updates from the Rollback the Intervention and Stop Black Deaths in Custody campaigns and facilitating discussion on solidarity and strategy.
“Our Generation”
A documentary film by Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis (2010)
A rollercoaster journey into the heart of Australia’s Indigenous relations, a hidden shame that is pushing the world’s oldest living culture to the edge. Through the stories of the Yolngu of NE Arnhem Land, the film looks at the Government’s ongoing policies of paternalism and assimilation, examines the real issues underlying Indigenous disadvantage, and opens dialogue on ways forward that respect Aboriginal culture and dignity. A fresh look at unresolved issues, with music by John Butler Trio, Yothu Yindi, Archie Roach,
Gurrumul, and Goanna

Anti-Cuts Infonight
An evening of information, talks, discussions and movies about the cuts and the resistance against them. There will be a speaker from the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services, some movies from Reel News, and general cosyness around hot drinks and sofas 🙂

111 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0NP


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